Family Block

Play Chamber / Children’s Playground

The Homes at a Glance

15 storeys with a total of 165 Apartments (Block G & H).
The homes are classified as serviced apartments with a commercial title.
6 main unit types ranging from 713 sq. ft. to 2,440 sq. ft.

Car Parking Bays

All Type A, B and C units enjoy 3 parking bays.
All Type G units are allocated with 2 parking bays.

Door Sizes

4’-wide (1.2m) for Main Entrance Door
(measurements are approximate and includes door frame).

Unit Types

Unit types in Family blocks: A, B, C and G.

Semi-Ds In The Sky

Generally, Type A, B and C units are either corner units or semi-Ds in the sky, sharing only one party wall with adjacent units. This ensures better privacy and sound insulation between units.

Lanai / Balconies

Type A, B and C units offer subtypes that come with a balcony attached to either the living area or the master bedroom to capitalize on views of the Ara Damansara township or the landscape podium.
Generally, Type G (except Type G-HD1) units offer balconies attached to the living area and the master bedroom.

Premium Views

All higher level units in Block G and H facing north-east and north-west offer premium views of the Ara Damansara township and beyond.
Generally, Type G units are located on suspended bridge structures and overlook the landscape podium directly below
All units facing the landscape podium enjoy a view of the lush greenery and pools on the podium.
Generally, the units offer extensive windows (up to 2.4m-high) with glazing to capitalize on the views.

Living Room

Living Rooms are extra spacious, with widths of up to 24 feet (living & dining combined).

Optional Furnishing Package

An optional Furnishing Package is available for Type G units for the convenience of a fully furnished home. This package includes smart, space-saving U-Box® Storage or Utility Box, an ultra-organized, multi-purpose utility that conceals laundry equipment, cleaning utensils and household storage behind sleek, custom-designed built-in folding cabinets for ease of storage.

Podium Garden Units

Type B and C units offer podium garden units located on Family Block G & H. Sitting on the landscape podium level, these units are equipped with private gardens to enjoy the advantage of being closer to the lush greenery and landscape facilities.

Unit Design Features

Generous Master Bedroom and Wardrobe area.
Open space plan.
Bed headboard wall is free of bathroom fittings.
Stylish glassy Bathroom.
Wardrobe in the Bedroom.
Convertible Study Area (Type C & E).
Dry & Wet Kitchen (only Type A & B).

Hot Water Storage Tank

All basins and showers in the bathrooms, and sinks in kitchens are equipped with hot water supply from individual hot water storage tanks.


All units are provided with Inverter type air-cond units.